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Name:ɢaʙrıeʟ ( CHAPEL HILL ) sıɴcʟaır
Birthdate:Jan 8
Location:Chapel Hill, North Carolina, United States of America

CHAPEL HILLthe capacitor
the american order ➤ energy absorption and redistribution

rah rah car'lina-lina

Born in a small town in the North Carolina Piedmont, Gabe Sinclair was always just a little too smart for his own damn good. After breezing through school, he parlayed those smarts into a full ride at the University of North Carolina—and a BSc in physics in under three years. A couple of PhDs later (from MIT, no less) Gabe headed straight into private industry at the ripe old age of 24. He got recruited after a few months of work—and the beginnings of at least one major technological breakthrough—as the Order were in need of someone who could navigate the world of academia, and Gabe more than fit the bill. He generally works as a permanent "grad student" on various prominent research projects for the American Order, nudging them in directions that are more ultimately beneficial to the US and its foreign and domestic policy goals. At present, he's working in the Harvard University Experimental Biophysics lab, working on functional nanotechnology research with a group of other, far more important scientists.

i'm rubber, you're glue

The Chapel Hill operatives are, as a rule, gifted with kinetic energy absorption and redirection. It's incredibly handy for not getting punched or shot... but not so much for not getting stabbed, and not at all for absorbing electrical or heat energy. (The Order's founders sadly did not consider the modern proliferation of tasers and flamethrowers when assigning the initial Chapel Hill with kinetic energy absorption.) Although Gabe mainly uses his powers to absorb energy that's thrown his way, he's also capable of storing excess kinetic energy—and then later releasing it into someone's face with extreme prejudice. This can only be done via physical contact, however, meaning that he's got to be at relatively close range to do much damage.

piña coladas and getting caught in the rain

Although energy absorption is the legacy of the Chapel Hill operatives, Gabe's power suits his personality more than the Order initially intended. He's as laid-back and cheerful as they get, despite being constantly surrounded by high-strung academics, cutthroat administrators, and Order operatives. It's incredibly hard to rattle him, and his temper is nearly nonexistent, making him a bit of a rarity in the current American Order. He tends to come off a little spacey as a result, but he's much sharper than he looks—or acts. Despite appearances, however, Gabe's not a slacker; he's just managed to perfect the art of doing all his work (and maybe a little of yours, if you ask nicely) while looking like he's doing nothing at all.

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